Each beginning bears a special magic - (Hermann Hesse)
Birthing Service


Our aim is to know each other well before you go into labour so we can embrace labour and birth with trust and confidence in your body and baby. 

If you choose to birth at home we will discuss what to expect and prepare (food, preparing and cleaning your birth area, supplies (eg lots of old towels and sheets), medications, pool and liner etc) and when transfer to hospital is safer than staying at home. You will meet the second midwife during your pregancy, she will arrive for baby's birth or earlier if required. You need to be aware that currently there is no indemnity insurance for homebirth.

Sylvia is also credentialed to SCUH- that means that if you choose to birth in hospital Sylvia can be your privately admitting midwife to birthsuite, caring for you directly as a midwife and working with your birthplan wishes and needs, communicating with the birthsuite team and obstetric team. Sylvia can also do postnatal checks on the postnatal ward.

Be supported in upright birth positions, experience acupressure massage or acuneedling and enjoy positive reaffirmation by your known, dedicated midwife.  You will also meet a second midwife during your pregnancy- the 2nd midwife  would only come in the later stage of your homebirth or earlier if I should be unavailable (unlikely but good to be planned for). Sometimes the 2nd midwife will look after you in very early labour prior to going to hopsital where being care for by Sylvia in birthsuite.

Usually Sylvia takes on 1-2 primary birthing women per month (and support my midwifery collegues in a second midwife role 1-2 per month) in order to be able to offer dedicated, personalised continuity of midwifery care for you and still have enough time for my 2 fast growing girlsheart






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