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Acuneedling / acupressure

Acupressure and Acuneedling

Acupressure /acuneedling is part of traditional chinese medicine (TCM) and its holistic view of health where the mind, body and spirit are connected.

TCM describes the body in terms of Yin and Yang and states that our bodies are made up of Meridians (energy channels) as well as bones, muscles, organs, skin etc. There are 14 main Meridians that relate and connect to our vital organs. The energy (Qi) is traveling through the Meridians keeping our bodies and souls align and maintaining homeostasis. 

However, problems may arrise if there is too much or not enough Qi (energy), which can be caused by blocked acupressure points. According to TCM there are over 300 acupoints in our bodies.

Acupressue is a safe, easy to administer, effective, non-invasive and natural way of re-balancing body and soul. Acuneedling is similar to acupuncture and incorporates very small needles going into the acupoints.

Sylvia's midwifery care is enhanced with acupressure point massage to support your holistic pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Sylvia has also done acuneedlings workshops to enhance your energy flow should you wish so.

Here is a list of some of the conditions which can be helped via acupressure massage :

Reflux, morning sickness, constipation, birth preparation, optimal positioning for baby before and during birth, stress and tension...and more