Each beginning bears a special magic - (Hermann Hesse)
About Sylvia

Hello and Servus, I have been born and raised in beautiful Germany where I concluded Steiner School for 13 years and then my midwifery training until 1999. Since then life has taken me around the world to New Zealand, Germany, Western Australia and now we are calling the Sunshine Coast our home. We are raising 2 happy teens at the momentsmiley

 I am a very passionate and also experienced midwife, love to see women's bellies grow, support active and natural labour & birth (love waterbirths) and help with the post birth breastfeeding experience. I have been one of the first private midwives to get a Medicare Provider Number in Australia in 2013, which allows a Medicare Rebate for my midwifery services. In order to become an "endorsed midwife" I have also concluded the pharmacology study so I can prescribe certain midwifery related medications (if required).

Learning never ends- very often I am learning from women and their intuitions but I also keep reading about all the new ideas and reasearch. I became a Lactation consultant in 2016 and am currently learning acuneedling to support the harmony of our energy flow.

Please be assured, that I enjoy working with other midwives and have started a website about all the different private midwives on the Sunshine Coast to give women an overview of their choices in private midwifery care: www.sunshinecoastprivatemidwives.com

Also, I am happy to say to have gained admitting rights to Sunshine Coast university hospital (previously in Nambour hospital since 2014) and I also work in collaboration with a private obstetrician, should you choose to have your baby in Buderim private hospital.

I am looking forward to meeting you soonheart