Each beginning bears a special magic - (Hermann Hesse)
midwife business and when to call


Midwife Sylvia Jenkin works in her small family business on the Sunshine Coast in QLD supporting women and families during their journey of becoming parents. She works as midwife as well as in her office and has a family life.

Please be aware that urgent events like a birth can take over Sylvia's life in which case less urgent needs (like following up on results) will be delayed, sometimes a couple of days. Should you be concerned and unable to get hold of Sylvia please call your second midwife or a midwife in birthsuite.

When to call Sylvia 24/7:

phone: 0449504609 or 07-53511311

you think you are in labour, your waters have broken, your baby is quiter as usual,

you have some spotting/bleeding, strong tummy or back pain,

strong headaches, blurred vision/ spots in front of eyes

itching (hands and feet), fever or urine infection